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Hello, Lovelies! And welcome to Cuppa Whimsy!

You know all of those wonderful expectations that society is always putting on us?

A big house, fancy car, a “good” job at a big company, your kids in every activity available, and don’t forget that you always have to look your best. You have to fit in. It doesn’t matter if any of that makes you happy. It’s just expected. And if you don’t do or have all of those things, you haven’t succeeded in life.

I’ve spent far too much of my life, trying to live up the expectations of people who really had no effect on my life. Leaving me with that good ol’ guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach when I couldn’t do it.

I love trying new things!

But if it’s not fun to me, I honestly don’t put a lot of effort into it. It’s always fun to try! But then when I can’t do it perfectly, I kick myself and I quit. (Being so easily distracted doesn’t help either.)

I don’t fit in. I don’t look like everyone else. I don’t do what everyone else does. I, personally, love who I am. But because I’ve always been worried about what everyone else thinks, I’ve always doubted myself.

It only recently dawned on me that I was being a dumbass.

I was stressing myself out for absolutely no reason at all. What is so wrong with not doing everything, not being everything? I do enough. I am happy. My family is happy. Life is good! It only took 36 years for this to click.

I believe you should live the life you want.  You should be exactly who you are. The only expectations you should worry about are your own and those of the one’s who depend on you. I don’t want to look back on my life and realize I didn’t live my life for me. That I worried way too much about what the neighbors thought of me.

But now, I won’t put that pressure on myself to be perfect or be like everyone else. Because that ain’t gonna happen!

I will enjoy the process and enjoy my life. And I will remain happy. Because, if you’re not happy, if you’re not having fun, what’s the point? Even if  society says I’m a failure, I know better!  I am an Enthusiastic Underachiever, and damn proud of it!

So, stick around to see my honest, and occasionally humorous, take on happily half-assing my way through life. It’s gonna be fun!


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